Education is the foundation for the existence of the GBTA - Rocky Mountain Chapter. GBTA-RMC (RMBTA) was founded in 1982 by a group of travel industry leaders that wanted to raise the knowledge and professionalism of those individuals whose careers were in managing or selling travel related services. Each of our monthly meetings is designed to provide current, leading edge information and knowledge sharing among our membership, or to create a comfortable social environment where networking and peer recognition can be accomplished informally.

Our mission is to keep GBTA-RM (RMBTA) a valuable resource within the local travel industry community.  We are proud to invest in our members by offering many local scholarships and support the scholarship opportunities within the Global Business Travel Association (GBTA) as well.

Local Scholarships

GBTA-RMC awards scholarships to its members annually.  These scholarships are granted based on merit of those individuals that applied.  The scholarship application is typically distributed to the membership during the first quarter (January - March) annually.  The nominating committee and Board of Directors then selects the winning applicants.  This is an excellent way to continue your education or help fund your GBTA-RMC and GBTA involvement during the year.  Three types of scholarships are typically offered and may change based on board approval and annual budget announcement by February:

  1. Local GBTA-RMC Scholarships (valued between $150-$450 dependent upon budget) - for use toward local GBTA-RMC Education Seminars, Monthly Meetings or the GBTA Associate Level Education Program.

  2. GBTA National Scholarship Awards (valued at up to $2,000 dependent upon budget) - For those members interested in the GBTA Convention and Tradeshow participation, GBTA Manager-Level accreditation or Global Leadership Professional accreditation. Other Travel Education Programs may be considered for review and would need to be approved by the GBTA-RMC Board of Directors.

  3. GBTA Legislative Summit Scholarships (valued at up to $2,000 dependent upon budget).  The Legislative Summit is held in Washington DC, facilitated by GBTA. 

Eligibility Requirements

  1. Applicants for the LocalGBTA- RMC Meeting, GBTA National Scholarship, GBTA Legislative Summit Scholarship, and GBTA-RMC Seminar Scholarships must be currently employed in a travel industry position and be a current member of GBTA-RMC in good standing at the time the application is submitted to the Nominating Committee.

  2. Applicant must comply with all schedules and requirements pertaining to the scholarship application process.

Chapter Presidents Council Scholarships

CPC scholarship grants are awarded to qualified individuals to pursue involvement in the education programs or membership within the Global Business Travel Association.  GBTA-RMC's current President is a member of the CPC and can provide more details on these scholarship opportunities as they are awarded through GBTA. 

Allied and Direct Member of the Year Awards

These scholarships are quite an honor since they are voted on and awarded by the membership. The scholarship money can be applied for GBTA educational opportunities, Global Leadership Program or attending the annual GBTA convention. The scholarship can also be applied to other travel industry related education, upon approval by the GBTA-RMC Board of Directors. 

Nominating Committee

If you have questions, you may contact a member of the nominating committee:

Nominating Committee Chairs

Laurie Etcheverry, Charter Communications

Barry Roth, Hertz

Nominating Committe Members

Kyle Babcock, United Airlines

Corey Jackson, United Airlines

Lainey Kennedy, Travel & Transport 

Rich Kline, United Airlines