About GBTA Government Relations

GBTA advocates for policies that better the business travel industry, representing travel buyers and the travelers they manage. Business travelers are a consistently underrepresented constituency, despite the fact that the business travel industry represents $1.3 trillion in business travel and meetings expenditures annually. Business travel is also a major driver for jobs and the economy, responsible for 7.4 million jobs in the United States, 1.2 million jobs in Mexico and nearly a half million jobs in Canada. With more than 9,000 global members, regional partners, 39 local chapters and affiliates, and a network of 30,000 business travel and meetings professionals, GBTA is the voice of the global business travel industry. GBTA actively speaks out on policy issues across the globe and frequently meets with representatives in Washington, D.C. and Brussels in an effort to advance the business travel industry.

What We Do

Government Relations advocates policies that benefit the business travel industry. Along with GBTA members across the country, we educate members of Congress and governments abroad, their staff, and executive branch officials about:

  • How business travel stimulates economic and jobs growth
  • Pro-Business Travel Government policies
  • Benefits of efficient travel buying and selling
  • Government policies and taxes that discourage or impede business travel



Take Action!


Please join GBTA in furthering the legislative goals of the business travel industry by contributing to Business Travel PAC. Your generous contributions will go directly to pro-business travel candidates for federal office. NextGen air traffic control modernization, expanding TSA Precheck and CBP's Global Entry and lower taxes and fees are among the policies GBTA's government relations team is championing for you on Capitol Hill. 

Business Travel PAC is the collective voice of the business travel industry. Be a part of the voice and donate today!


Online advocacy is very effective! We want to directly link you to your representative on Capitol Hill, your state legislature and your city council. As various issues arise, you can quickly send an online letter about the issues that matter to you and to the business travel industry. It's easy - just a few clicks and your voice is heard.

You can email the letters as is or personalize them to include information about how a particular issue impacts you and the business travel industry. Learn more