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Special Election, Board Of Directors Nomination Form: Treasurer and Secretary Positions

Dear Members,

We currently have openings for two Board positions and will be holding a special elections for the Treasurery and Secretary positions on our Board. These positions will fulfill the remainder of the current term thru – December 2019. 

If you are interested in either position, or would like to nominate someone please click on the link to enter your nomination for the upcoming election.

We will accept nominations for one week and the elections will go out to the members the following week.

Thank you and we look forward to potential new candidates for our Board Positions.


Anne Blyth

GBTA-RMC President


Board position available:  


Job Purpose: 

  1. Maintain all of the association’s financial records and accounts
  2. Taxes & Compliance
  3. Membership support

Job Duties:

  1. Assist in creating the budget and goals
  2. Manage and collect all funds for the organization including meeting fees and membership dues.
  3. Manage Credit/Debit Card for the Organization.
  4. Manage Quick Books for Association
  5. Provide all necessary documentation to the outside tax preparation firm for the Chapter’s annual IRS filing.
  6. Reconcile Savings and Checking account monthly by the 15th of Each Month. Release P&L for Board to review.
  7. Prepare and monitor Budget for Association working with all Committees and Board to ensure we are staying within Budget Forecasts.
  8. Maintain a separate accounting for all scholarships awarded by the Chapter
  9. Prepare monthly financial statements and reports tracking actual vs. budgeted revenue and expense line items
  10. Monitor Checking and Savings and ensure we are keeping a good balance in both accounts.
  11. Monitor Credit Card Processing Fees and ensure the Association is getting the best value.
  12. Prepare and report the treasurer’s report and post to the website.
  13. Prepare and report the budget and financial history to the board quarterly.
  14. Issue all checks for the association and membership and collect necessary back up.
  15. Adhere to CPC reporting deadlines.
    1. The CPC requires all financial reporting for the preceding calendar year (January through December) be completed and submitted electronically to designate GBTA Representative January 31 annually. The financial reporting will include a profit and loss statement, a balance sheet using the CPC template.

Working Knowledge of Quickbooks, Excel, Profit and Loss Statements, Budgeting, and Forecasting helpful


Job Purpose:

  1. Record keeping
  2. Meeting invites
  3. Agendas
  4. Ambassador Committee

Job Duties:

Work with Ambassador committee with ideas, direction and fun ideas for events.

  1. Give notice and attend all meetings of the Chapter
  2. The Secretary, in consultation with the President, prepares agendas for the Executive Board meetings. These agendas, along with any supporting documentation, are distributed by the Secretary to members in advance of the meetings.
  3. Ensures the timely preparation and distribution of materials (e.g., requests, agendas, schedules, notices, resolutions, etc.) for Board and Board Committee meetings, consistent with Board approved bylaws and procedures (e.g., via web).
  4. Shall keep all non-financial records of the Chapter
  5. Keeps all official records of Board activities (minutes of proceedings, resolutions, etc.), including those of Board Committees, as directed by the Board; ensures they are available externally as appropriate (e.g., via web).
  6. Oversees the Board and Board Committee calendars; helps determine and plan the frequency of meetings.
  7. Shall perform all other duties assigned by the President or the Board of Directors.
  8. To assist the BOD establish a communications system that will ensure timely updates
  9. To assist the BOD plan and prepare a yearly budget.

Board Members

1/1/2019 – 12/31/2019

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2019 GBTA Legislative Symposium - scholarship opportunity

Greetings GBTA-RMC members,

If you are interested in attending the GBTA Legislative Symposium in Washington, DC May 14-16, 2019 then please complete this application for scholarship by Feb 22, 2019.

Two scholarships will be awarded for $1,500 each.
Have your voice heard. GBTA advocates for the travel industry every day but we can’t do it on our own. These issues have impacts on a global scale as well as a local level and its the impact of a constituent that will help us win these debates. Come to be educated, but also to educate lawmakers on the issues that impact our industry May 14-16 in Washington D.C. at the GBTA Legislative Symposium 2019.

The annual GBTA Legislative Symposium brings together passionate professionals who want to advocate for the future of the business travel industry. This event presents attendees with the unique opportunity to:

    • Meet one-on-one with their Senators and Representative to share opinions and advocate for policies that support the business travel industry
    • Learn about Congressional debates and outcomes that will impact the business travel industry
    • Hear perspectives from Administration Officials and Members of Congress
    • Connect with other industry professionals who want to make a difference. 
Attendees of GBTA Legislative Symposium 2019 will take to the Congressional offices in Washington D.C. as one collective voice to ensure that their elected officials are championing policies which keep business travelers, and the larger business travel industry, going strong.

Become educated about the important issues which are currently on the table for consideration and weigh in with your expertise. Previous attendees have noted that this event is a professional duty which protects the future of the entire industry, as well as being a personal highlight in an individual’s life.
More details in the link below:

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2019 February Event Survey

Let us know what your thoughts about the GBTA-RMC Event this month...

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