Welcome - A Letter From The President


A Welcome from The President, Anne Blyth

Welcome to GBTA Rocky Mountain ChapterIt is an honor to represent you as president for the next 2 years, and lead an outstanding 2016-2017 leadership Team. We are on a mission to continue to grow and move GBTA-RM to the next level. The Board and Committees have diligently met in focused brainstorming sessions to bring new innovative and creative ideas to our GBTA Rocky Mountain Chapter events - soon to be experienced by you as a member.

With the leadership of Education Director - Ashley Batistta’s we focused on acquiring impactful speakers targeting topics you want to hear about. Along with these speakers Ashley has worked hard to gain credits from GBTA for each meeting you attend. We are already reaching sell out numbers for these events.

 Taking on partnering with Universities and mentoring the Student Committee Chair - Dwayne Comlan our Direct Member - Karen Matous are already rolling out new Student Programs. Karen is aiding in developing Metro State’s on campus TMC, Internship, mentorship, and participating in teaching a new Business Travel Class at Metro State along with other RMBTA members. Karen and Dwayne will present the new Student Scholarship program that they will be presenting at GBTA this year. GBTA has asked RMBTA to present our Student Program as a model for other Chapters to follow. Dwyane has been honored with 2 scholarships, and continues to work in behalf of students for more scholarship opportunities funded by GBTA. In Collaboration with GBTA the Student program will be connected to GBTA’s Ladder Program and continues mentoring programs for students once graduated.

 Additionally Karen is working on heading up our Direct Member Event this year. Look for details on the event soon.

Anne Frye – Legislative/PAC Chair stands strong as she has lead and rallied us to be in the top GBTA Chapters to raise money for PAC and letters written to our Legislators. We are happy to announce GBTA had their first Student – Dwayne Comlan that lobbied on Capitol Hill and attended the Legislative Symposium this year.

Shannon GriffithsAllied Director and Marketing Chair and her Marketing Team have been a super power with our social media, advertising, PR, Publicity, and Sponsorship. On top of leading the Marketing Team Shannon took on the huge task of learning and creating our new website. In addition her Marketing Team will be leading marketing and media for the GBTA Convention In partnership with Visit Denver and GBTA.

We complement our opportunity to be a major part of the Convention planning limelight with Laurie Etcheverry energetically leading our Convention Volunteer Committee. She continues to invite members to volunteer for the Opening Ceremonies. RMBTA, GBTA, and Visit Denver persevere on the path of sharing a vision of a “One Team One Dream” planning Committee.

We have changed the Hospitality Committee to the “Ambassador Committee”. We are excited to introduce our new Ambassador Chair - Heidi Janson. The interactive Committee will welcome guests and be members GBTA - RM information source.

Susan Austin – Membership Director is our amazing Membership leader and continues to grow our membership year over year. She was instrumental at providing us with a Direct Panel in 2015 to which we gained new Direct members.

April McGill – Philanthropy Director has been painstakingly planning our RMBTA Golf Tournament and partnering with other committees creativity and ideas - this year’s golf tournament will have new twists and fun. Stay tuned!

Barb Morgan – Past President ongoing passion and dedication to RMBTA is an asset to the new Board and Association development. With access to her knowledge and her ideas we are introducing a new event she will be leading - RMBTA “Hall of Fame”. Look for this event coming soon!

We add to RMBTAs recipe for success with the contributions and tireless efforts that Laura Melish - VP continues to bring to the table. She is an inspiration and a go to person mentoring every Board member and chair. You can always count on Laura as she is a plethora of information, and motivation not to mention a “get it done gal”.

Monty Price – Treasurer, Michelle Le – Secretary, and Tiffany Greff - Admin are the back bone of GBTA-RM and are dedicated super stars that provide strong support for our success.

We are lucky to have such a talented group of members leading GBTA-RM as we roll forward into 2016 and 2017, especially with GBTA Convention in Denver this year. Again I am honored to be your New President! Thank you all for your support and belief in my leadership.

Anne Blyth
President, GBTA Rocky Mountain Chapter